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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Schedule a virtual appointment with registered nurse practitioners to register for a medical marijuana card in Connecticut.

Please Note:

Starting July 1st, 2023, state registration fees for patients ($100.00) and caregivers ($25.00) will no longer be required.

How It Works

4 Simple Steps for Your Medical Card

After you pick your date and time for your visit, please put your credit or debit card information in the system, however you will not be charged until we see you. 

If this visit is for a new card, choose first time medical visit ($125.00), if this is for a renewal of an existing card, choose renewal medical visit ($75.00).

*If the date or time is not available, it means the time is booked so please pick another time.

Complete the Online Patient Intake and Consent Form

When completing the patient intake form, upload the following:  

  1. Driver’s license 
  2. Medical records for your qualifying condition
  3. If you have a MMP card, have it ready during medical visit. 
  4. If you have access to MyChart or MyChartPlus electronic medical system, you can give us a 1-time access code to view your medical record for your qualifying condition.  Call or text us for directions.  
  5. Once your patient intake is complete, complete the on-line consent form that pops up on screen.

Be ready for your Phone call!

Renewals are completed with a phone call. Nancy Nurge NP will be calling you and updating your information at the designated time. 

**PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to have your appointment if you are driving or otherwise distracted. 

Set up your Patient Biznet Account & Receive your Medical Card

  1. Set up your patient Biznet account with the State of CT.  If you have chosen a caregiver, the caregiver also needs to set up their caregiver biznet account before your card will be issued.  *If you need assistance setting up your patient or caregiver accounts, please reach out to the dispensaries for help.  
  2. Once your patient Biznet account has been registered you will receive your card via email within 30 business days.  Your card is good for 1 year and within 30 days of expiration, you make an appointment with us to renew your card.  
  3. For returning patients who have already have a Biznet account, once seen the NP for your renewal visit and your certification has been sent in by the NP, you can login to your account to renew your patient registration DAS Business Network account by going to  AccountMaint Login (

About Nancy Nurge NP

Nancy Nurge NP provide a kind, compassionate, non-judgmental medical evaluation, and certification for a medical cannabis/marijuana card.  


Check out these frequently asked questions about cannabis and Connecticut licenses.

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