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Nancy Nurge NP

At Nancy Nurge NP, we believe that knowledge is power.  We also believe in an individual’s innate ability to heal, in essence becoming his/her/their own healer.  A healing modality that has become very popular recently is medical cannabis/medical marijuana for the treatment of qualifying chronic medical conditions.  If you are suffering and in pain and would like to explore this as a healing and treatment modality, we are here to help.  

Quality care and compassion that you can trust.

You can rely on compassion, understanding, and clinical excellence.  Your privacy is important.  A HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record is utilized to protect your medical information.

About Sheri Peabody

Sheri Peabody is a dual board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP-BC) and Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse (APHN-BC) who specializes in holistic and integral medicine with an emphasis on medicinal cannabis therapy and education. 

For over 32 years, Sheri has worked primarily within critical care, internal medicine and geriatric managed care environments.  During a Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Program at The Graduate Institute for Holistic Studies, she launched a medical practice called Hope & Healing for Healers LLC in 2020. 

Sheri believes in the power of this cannabis plant medicine for healing and supporting overall mind, body, and spiritual wellness.  

About Nancy Nurge

My mission is very simple – knowledge is power. I really believe in the healing power of cannabis.

Connecticut has one of the best and safest programs in the country. I love my job and helping people get their card.

My name is Nancy Nurge and I am an Adult Nurse Practitioner who is certified by Connecticut to enroll patients over the age of 18 in the Medical Marijuana program. 

My mission is to provide an alternative treatment plan incorporating Cannabis as either Medical Marijuana or CBD.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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